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"My Cousin Was Murdered," Ex-Sikh Claims "Khalistani Politicians" Compromised Canadian Institutions

Rai's story unfolds from the enigmatic death of his cousin in 2014, quickly ruled a suicide by the RCMP after an investigation lasting less than 24 hours. He questions the integrity of this conclusion, pointing to the abrupt resignation of the head of death investigations at the time, who cited bureaucratic and political interference.

Central to his skepticism is the role of Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo, a forensic pathologist with disputed credentials, who deemed the death a suicide. Rai firmly believes his cousin was murdered, implicating politically influential figures within his former religion, linked to the Khalistani separatist cause.

"In the past, they have committed heinous terrorist attacks from Canadian soil and no politicians have ever held any organization or ethnic ghetto politician to any type of accountability,"

says Rai, connecting this lack of accountability to historical events like the Air India bombing, where crucial evidence was destroyed by CSIS, and the failure to bring the masterminds to justice, highlighting systemic issues in Canadian governance and public safety.

"The way I see Canada now is almost in a state that is worse than a developing country,"

Bob says no one from his family was talked to at all by the police during the investigation.

In examining the case of Bob Rai's cousin's death, significant concerns arise regarding the credentials of Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo, the forensic pathologist who ruled it a suicide.

Investigations into Adeagbo's background reveal he struggled to complete the USMLE Step-3 test, exceeding the six-attempt limit but somehow taking it a seventh time.

His medical school transcripts from Nigeria remain unverified. Questions about his honesty regarding a license denial in Louisiana and whether Alberta authorities conducted a thorough check of his credentials add to the doubt. The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta and the Ministry of Justice's responses to inquiries about Adeagbo's qualifications and role as an expert witness in trials have been unsatisfactory, raising concerns about the standards for expert witness confirmation in criminal trials. Attempts to contact Dr. Adeagbo for comments have been unsuccessful.

After raising his concerns with the RCMP and expressing fears of being the next target, Bob found himself institutionalized at Rocky View Hospital in Calgary for almost 6 months.

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