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Police Investigate Potential Links Between Buta Singh Gill's Murder and Indian Extortion Gang

Edmonton Police are investigating whether the murder of a prominent home builder, who also served as the president of a local Sikh temple, is connected to extortion gangs.

In a startling incident in Edmonton, the murder of Buta Singh Gill, a prominent home builder and Sikh temple president, has raised suspicions of deep-seated criminal influences and internal community power struggles.

Gill was fatally shot following an altercation involving a black Nissan at a construction site he owned. This deadly event soon followed with the shooter committing suicide.

As investigations unfold, Edmonton Police explore potential links to extortion gangs, notorious for violent crimes against Sikh Punjabi Canadian communities, including arsons and drive-by shootings.

These gangs have previously drawn attention from Edmonton's Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, who has sought federal assistance to combat the surge in organized crime. Amidst this backdrop, unresolved questions about local political ties and the extent of gang influence within community factions linger, making this not only a criminal investigation but a profound societal issue.

Some sources say that Buta Singh Gill had received extortion threats in the recent past. Although the family members do not believe killing is related to extortion gangs, Edmonton Police are investigating if there are any links.

"Investigators are looking into whether this incident has any connection to Project Gaslight, an extortion series targeting home builders from South Asian communities," said Edmonton Police in a statement.

These gangs have recently engulfed Canada in a wave of criminal activities, including arsons, shootings, and extortion demands. One of the most prominent gangs operating out of India is linked to the separatist Khalistani movement, according to the Indian government.

Court documents from 2013 demonstrates a bitter power struggle. As per the court documents, Buta Singh Gill was accused of “bringing disharmony” to the temple for years.

In his affidavit, Buta Singh Gill affirms that “there is a power struggle” within the society, and that “the insiders are using the membership process to exclude political opponents” including himself and his brother “to maintain power and control of the Society.”

Buta Singh Gill was a long-time donor of current Edmonton mayor Amarjeet Sohi.

Before becoming a citizen of Canada, Sohi was jailed in India, accused of being a Khalistani terrorist. Sohi’s list of controversies and financial mismanagement both as a mayor and a minister goes on and on. Whether it be the Regina Bypass scandal, or the Gordie Howe scandal. “Shady” would be the most polite term to summarize Sohi’s track record.

Substantiated evidence suggests that Sohi was involved in secretly facilitating the enrichment of his brother’s trucking company through federal projects, including sole-sourced contracts to his brother’s trucking company from other fellow Khalistani ministers.

Today many believe that he is the reason why the city of Edmonton has plunged into such new lows like being the murder capital of Canada. With such a background in terrorism, corruption, and a high school education limited with ESL, many wonder how and why the federal Liberals choose him to run for politics.

One of those who was not happy with Liberal’s preferential treatment for Sohi was Varinder Bhullar, today he is the family spokesperson for the murdered Buta Singh Gill.

Bhullar ran for Liberal nomination in 2015 and sought a court injunction to prevent Liberals from acclaiming Ward 12 councillor Amarjeet Sohi as their candidate in Edmonton-Millwoods. He said that he was sick to his stomach the way the Liberal party pushed him off the race to make it easier for Sohi.

As per election campaign disclosures, Both Buta and his brother’s trucking company made donations to Amarjeet Sohi’s political campaigns.

In 2018, while Sohi was a federal minister, Buta’s brother’s trucking company AB Gill Trucking faced $3 million in fines for trucking overweight loads, police alleged that the company had illegally moved 17,422 tones of dirt. But for some reason the crown withdrew all 1,900 charges against the company.

Who could be behind Buta Singh Gill’s murder? Can the Edmonton police handle this investigation without political interference?

Only time will tell.

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