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WATCH: Mocha Bezirgan Teaches a Lesson to Rogue Police and City Officials Denying Him His Rights

"You are not media," said the media relations offical for city of Calgary.

Bezirgan, known for his independent reporting and filmmaking, compared his experiences in Canada to those in Turkey, highlighting a recurring theme of being targeted by law enforcement. In a detailed account, he mentioned being falsely accused by an officer of being escorted out of the building, while in reality, he had exited to interview Artur Pawlowski.

This interaction was compounded by a city media relations representative who challenged Bezirgan's status as a media professional.

In his response, Bezirgan emphasized his significant journalistic contributions, particularly his coverage of the Israel-Palestine protests in Calgary, which garnered millions of views and trended across platforms. He describes the situation as a battle to exercise his legal rights and be treated equally among peers.

Bezirgan's struggles raise questions about the treatment of independent media by Canadian authorities. He has filed a complaint against the officer for making false statements and is consulting with a lawyer for potential legal action. The City of Calgary's stance, questioning his media status, has also come under scrutiny for potentially damaging his credibility and reputation.

The full extent of this incident and its implications for press freedom in Canada are still unfolding. Bezirgan has urged the public to watch the full video of the incident, where he argues for his legal rights, to form their own opinions on the matter.

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