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Calgary Police Investigating Stabbing at CTrain Station

Calgary Police report that 1 man was hospitalized with stabbing wounds following an altercation at a CTrain station among five individuals "believed to be known to each other."

One suspect under custody while three suspects at large after an altercation that occurred this Thursday at the CTrain station on 8th Street SW that left one man hospitalized with stabbing wounds.

The Police were called on scene at approximately 6.35 p.m.

A witness recounts the incident:

"Guy got stabbed almost right in front of me"

said a Calgarian who witnessed the incident and later recorded the video of the scene. He added that the victim was screaming badly as he was being transported to hospital.

The incident also paralyzed the CTrain hub for a while as police secured the area with caution tape.

“Bleeding like crazy, but they took him into the ambulance still alive.”

Calgary Police confirmed that the victim is in stable condition

Just another day in downtown Calgary?

Critics associate the cause of increasing pattern of violence to the municipal government's "defund the police" approach.

Last month, after a string of violent attacks on Calgarians, Mayor Jyoti Gondek was asked by journalist Keean Bexte on what it took so long to

The Mayor chose not to answer and walked away, which brought broad criticism on social media.

Tangled up in politics

This recent stabbing happened after Calgary Police stepped up proactive enforcement at transit and public spaces in an effort to combat social disorder.

While the municipal governments of Calgary and Edmonton, the biggest cities of Alberta are tangled up in politics, premiere of Alberta unapologetically increased the number of Sheriffs in the cities.


The mayor and the city council have a history of demonstrating speed and conviction when it comes to passing bylaws or seeking injunctions that are targeting certain political groups.

Last year in the height of the Covid pandemic that brought unprecedented government mandates, Calgary's anti-mandate protests were specifically banned from marching on the street or gathering on public parks.

Police officers were proactively choosing to fine any driver who would honk in support of the protesters.

This year, the pattern of priorities haven't really changed, as the city is now fining anti-all-ages drag show protesters that are within a certain distance of an event.


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