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Community Discount Card with Pure Silver Strip Aims to Promote Local Business and Financial Freedom

Krishna Deva, an innovative financial expert, presented his new concept, the Community Discount Card, at The Great Canadian Awakening Conference in Whitby, Ontario. The card aims to promote financial freedom while supporting local businesses with a unique feature of a pure silver strip.

The Community Discount Card is more than just a discount card, according to Deva.

It's a way to promote and encourage consumer action networks that support local businesses.

He believes that traditional banking can be unreliable, as banks have the power to freeze or shut down people's accounts for any reason, which can create hesitancy in taking actions or supporting groups like the truckers through their banks.

"The Community Discount Card is another opportunity for us to know who in our community supports local and who of those community members would like to go to their store as opposed to another store."

Deva also highlighted the Community Discount Card's unique feature - a strip of pure silver.

This feature also means that the card can potentially increase in value over time as the price of silver fluctuates.

"As more businesses accept the card, they can lower their prices by $5 and offer the card as an incentive to customers to use it at another local business,"Deva added.

The idea is that as more businesses accept the card and offer it as an incentive to their customers, a chain of support is created for local businesses.

"This creates a chain of support for local businesses, and the discount could eventually increase to a larger amount, with pure maple leaf silver pieces."

Deva believes that the Community Discount Card is an innovative way to support local businesses, promote financial freedom, and encourage consumer action networks that support local communities.

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