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Edmonton Scandal: City Awards Millions to Firm Controlled by Mayor’s Brother

Fresh corruption allegations have emerged against Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi. Evidence suggests that while he was a city councillor, the city of Edmonton awarded contracts worth upwards of millions of dollars to a trucking company owned and fully controlled by his brother Harkesh Sohi and some of his election donors.

"The premiere of Alberta Danielle Smith needs to ensure that residents of her province are not violated by third world country immigrant corrupt Canadian politicians," says Albertan aggregate supplier Bob Rai, who brought forth the evidence.

"She needs to do her due diligence instead of cross-contaminating herself by pandering to organizations and fake religious/extremist temples for a few petty votes," he adds.

Amarjeet Sohi's past conduct is as questionable as his current conduct. Accused of being a Khalistani terrorist, Sohi spent more than 20 months behind bars in a prison located in Bihar, India.

"Corrupt Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, and a corrupt member of Parliament, David Kilgour, pressured the Indian government to release this terrorist, who was not even a Canadian citizen," said Bob Rai.

Long-time legendary legal scholar Dr. Gary Botting (Ph.D. in Law & Ph.D. in English) complements Bob Rai's research skills: "Bob Rai is meticulous in his research —the mechanism is there; it's just who is willing to apply it, what crown counsel or what prosecutor, what attorney general is prepared to say this deserves further investigation."


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