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EXCLUSIVE: State Medical Board Decides No Action Against Forensic Pathologist Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo Who Has Questionable Credentials

"They are all on the same team," reacts Alberta resident Bob Rai, whose cousin's suspicious death was deemed a suicide by police, and the supposed medical graduate whose medical school transcripts from Nigeria were never verified at the primary source despite several attempts by the Federation Credentials Verification Service.

The Indiana Medical Board has taken no action against Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo, a forensic

Dr. Adeagbo has authored thousands of forensic autopsies and has acted as an expert prosecution witness in homicide cases in Canada and the U.S.

His testimony has resulted in numerous criminal convictions for adults and juveniles who may have been wrongfully convicted. Furthermore, Dr. Adeagbo has concluded many deaths with bizarre autopsy conclusions, such as suicide, accidental, and murder-suicide.

"I find it absolutely ridiculous that he would be given certification and subsequent medical licenses based on some phony piece of paper that he submitted himself," said Rai, in criticism of Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.

This case not only casts doubt on thousands of autopsies conducted by Dr. Adeagbo but also questions the credibility of numerous police investigations and criminal court cases in which he testified as an expert witness for prosecutors.

"They were going to let this compromised individual off with no punishment at all because they have used him as an expert witness to send too many people to prison for the rest of their lives," stated Bob Rai.

Bob Rai accuses the Attorney General offices of Indiana and Kansas of condoning Adeagbo's practices, despite his highly questionable medical expertise, due to liability issues since he was utilized as an expert witness to convict individuals, sentencing them to life imprisonment.

The state-level oversight bodies, including the Indiana Medical Board and ECFMG, have also been negligent in licensing and certifying a foreign medical graduate without ever verifying his education credentials from Nigeria.

Bob Rai pledges not to allow these types of institutions to "make a mockery of the general public" and vows to continue raising awareness about the presence of fake doctors working in Canada and the U.S.

In a detailed 2021 investigation, Wichita, Kansas-based KWCH FF12 focused on the academic history of Dr. Adeagbo, raising serious concerns and uncovering a troubling pattern of inconsistencies. These ranged from questionable employment history to unverified educational credentials.

Bob Rai criticizes the negligent conduct of ECFMG which certifies foreign medical graduates that want to pursue higher education and work in the U.S.

He points out that ECFMG have certified many applicants without due diligence and this has allowed compromised individuals to penetrate the medical industry as fake doctors.

A notable case to reference involves a fake doctor from Nigeria named Charles Akoda who was recently the target of a class action lawsuit.

One of the main targets of his criticisms is ECFMG, which certified many fake physicians and was the target of a class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by multiple female victim patients alleging negligent infliction of

emotional distress and assault caused by the ECFMG- which certified a fake foreign medical

graduate multiple times.

Akoda falsified social security numbers, received 3 separate certifications under different aliases from ECFMG, finally obtained a state medical license and began working as an Obstetrician in Maryland.

He was eventually arrested for fraud and criminally charged for being a fake doctor.

Rai alleges that there are parallels between Dr. Adeagbo and Akoda whom both originate from Nigeria.

The lawsuit was seen as a threat to the U.S. medical community's efforts to utilize foreign

medical graduates to address the physician shortage in the country.

The courts stated that ECFMG made a single isolated mistake in the case of Akoda and dismissed the class action lawsuit. However, Bob Rai believes that there could be thousands of fake doctors that infiltrated the medical industry by following the same procedures as Dr. Adeagbo and Akoda.

The ECFMG certifies 20,000+ foreign medical graduates every year.

"How many more Adeagbo's are out there?" Asks Bob Rai.

The lawyer for Dr. Adeagbo in Indiana accuses Bob Rai of harassing her client for years, and argues that if the Indiana Medical Board were to sanction Dr. Adeagbo over a felony DUI conviction, this would "add fuel to the fire" in scrutinizing and forensically examining all of the autopsy reports and expert testimonies ever conducted or provided by Dr. Adeagbo.

Rai emphasizes that the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which in some states is called the Access to Public Records Act (APRA) is a useful tool to build evidence of negligent medical board conduct and false or rigged prosecutions.

"The general public is at the mercy of these higher government authorities and they must be held accountable to the highest standards of morals, ethics, and transparency," said Rai.

In the opinion of Bob Rai his own country of Canada and both the states of Indiana and Kansas support and condone fake doctors at the cost of betraying the publics trust.

"I'm not harassing anybody -- you have an individual whose academic credentials have never been verified from the source university located in Nigeria, and this is compromising the trust and respect of professional institutions," stated Bob Rai in his final comments during our interview.

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