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Khalistan Supporters Rip Apart Indian Flags with Daggers and Spears in Calgary, Alberta

Khalistan supporters use their daggers, swords, and spears to rip apart Indian flags in Calgary, Alberta.

The Khalistan movement, notorious for Canada’s deadliest terror attack, is actively targeting Indian diplomats whenever they show up in Canada.

The group was largely composed of the same protesters who clashed with police in Edmonton last week. However, unlike in Edmonton, this time supporters of India showed up to counter-protest. At one point, two groups got too close to each other, and the police had to intervene.

The meeting at the McDougall Centre was cancelled, and the Indian diplomat whom the protesters accuse of being involved in the murder of one of their members did not show up.

Sikhs have a religious exemption in Canada to carry their daggers on flights and at schools. However, the increasing use of these “religious symbols” at political protests in Canada raises eyebrows.

One man was seen holding his sword to the sky while inviting the counter-protesters to come towards him.

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