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Twitter erupts after student activist reveals both parents are put on leave by school board

Updated: May 8, 2023

Student activist Josh Alexander tweeted this morning that his parents are facing consequences simply for being his parents, as they have been suspended from their positions.

"My parents are under attack simply for having raised me" tweeted Josh Alexander, student activist this morning.

The tweet has gone viral, garnering over a quarter of a million views and sparking widespread concern and condemnation among Canadians.

In a recent interview with Media Bezirgan, Josh Alexander alleged that both of his parents, who were employed by Renfrew County school board, have been put on leave simply because he expressed his belief that 'God made male and female.'

The news of Josh's parents being put on leave allegedly due to Josh's expressions on gender and school's transgender bathroom policy received thousands upon thousands of concerned Canadians' condemnation.

"Canada has become like North Korea and China."
"What a horrible precedent this states."
"Canada, wake the f!#@ up and put a stop to this"
"North Korea tactics."
"Young boy has the courage to stand up for what he believes, and the woke attacks his folks."


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