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BREAKING NEWS: Small Town Cancels Artur Pawlowski; Chains Venue Doors

The township of Ramara, Ontario, chained the doors of a public venue where prosecuted Albertan pastor Artur Pawlowski was slated to speak, canceling the event just two days before its scheduled date despite a prior signed contract.

Artur Pawlowski of Calgary delivered his speech outside the public library in Ramara, Ontario, protesting the event's cancellation. Dozens of Ramara residents, braving the cold to participate in the protest, vowed to withdraw their support for the mayor in the next election.

The organizers of the event allege they were told over the phone that the reason for the cancellation was that the event was "too political."

Media Bezirgan reached out for comments from both Mayor Basil Clarke and CAO Zach Drinkwalter about the reasoning behind the cancellation. As of the time of this publication, neither has provided a comment.

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