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BREAKING: Charges Dropped Against Albertan Restaurant Owner Who Refused to Discriminate During COVID

The crown has dropped charges against Jesse Johnson (owner of Without Papers Pizza) who was being prosecuted for not closing down his restaurant to unvaccinated people in Calgary, Alberta.

The court hearing that lasted 10 minutes ended with cheers from the crowd after an unexpected decision by the crown to withdraw charges.

“I’d love to go back and provide the love and pizza that we gave to all the people of Calgary regardless of vaccination status,” said Jesse Johnson.

“18 charges, years of taking this man who lost everything through the ringer — the process is the punishment; that’s the new game,” said Artur Pawlowski, the man who was the first in Canada to be charged with a Covid ticket for feeding the homeless.

Johnson said that he’s planning to sue the government: “These bastards they literally tried to break me — financially, mentally, and spiritually."

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