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Did Canadian Politicians Go Too Far in Pandering to Ethnic Groups? (Dr. Paul Bullen, PhD)

Dr. Paul Bullen, PhD in Political Science from the University of Chicago, provides his analysis on Canadian politicians pandering to Khalistani separatists and the inadequacy of the mainstream media.

"There is a perverse incentive structure," says Dr. Bullen regarding the competition between political parties "racing to the bottom" in appeasement of certain groups.

"But there is an open season on certain groups," Dr. Bullen points out, saying that the media goes to great extents "inventing stuff" against whites, like declaring that walking a dog is racist.

"You can go on and on inventing stuff, but when someone blows up an airplane, engages in separatist activity, and threatens the leader of India—you don't want to say anything. Talk about hypocrisy and double standards," said Dr. Bullen.

This follows a political parade involving politicians, police, and armed forces, where Talwinder Singh Parmar, the self-proclaimed mastermind of Canada’s deadliest terrorist attack, was glorified as a martyr.


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