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EXCLUSIVE: Pastor Imprisoned Over COVID-19 Stand Sues Government, Police, and Health Services

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who faced a 50-day imprisonment for defying COVID-19 restrictions, is poised to launch a significant legal battle.

"The Plaintiffs sue the Defendants, and each of them, for egregiously violating the constitutional and civil rights of the Plaintiffs, among other things. "

The pastor plans to announce his lawsuit against multiple entities, challenging the enforcement of pandemic measures. This announcement is scheduled for tomorrow at noon at the Calgary courthouse, marking a critical juncture in the discourse on civil liberties and public health mandates during the COVID-19 crisis.

The family has launched a crowdfunding and appeals to public's support.

Ahead of tomorrow's press release, the Pawlowski family sat down for an exclusive interview with Media Bezirgan.

Pawlowski alleges that he suffered wrongful arrests, excessive force, and harassment by government, police, and health service entities during the enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions.

These entities are being challenged for their role in enforcing COVID-19 restrictions, which Pawlowski claims led to violations of his constitutional rights.

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