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EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Khalistan Protesters Clash with Edmonton Police

Khalistan supporters, armed with daggers, swords, and spears, gathered in Edmonton, Alberta to protest against India's high commissioner to Canada.

Yesterday's protest lasted several hours with non-stop anti-India chants, targeting the Indian diplomat whom they accused of being involved in the assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Edmonton Police physically pushed back the protesters who were charging towards the vehicle believed to have the Indian diplomat inside.

One of the protesters approached me, asking who I was, then grabbed my camera and pushed me, telling others that I was a racist in an attempt to instigate the crowd, while I was fully within my rights, observing the event from a distance.

When police pulled him aside to warn him, he lied, saying that he did not touch me. No other media were present to cover this international event unfolding in Alberta's capital city.

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