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FORMER MP COMMENTS ON COUTTS 4: "You Have Literal Political Prisoners"

“The Charter is not protecting you, the courts are not protecting you, so wake up!” urges longtime former Conservative MP Art Hanger outside the Lethbridge courthouse, where the trial of the Coutts 4 is being held.

The Coutts 4 trial is set to begin this week for the 2 remaining accused who’ve been held in remand for over 800 days.

“This is becoming a tragic nightmare where you have literal political prisoners locked up for 2.5 years.”

The 2 are accused of conspiring to murder RCMP officers during the anti-Covid mandate protest in Coutts, Alberta. The other 2 were released after agreeing to plead guilty to lesser charges and had the conspiracy to murder charge dropped.

Advocates who have attended the court hearings since last year recognize them as political prisoners used by Justin Trudeau to justify the enactment of the Emergencies Act.


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