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Fort McMurray Mosque Cancels Event Critical of Government

An event titled "Exposing Corruption," organized by Zulkifl Mujahid – who was disqualified by the United Conservative Party (UCP) after winning the nomination in Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo – was unexpectedly cancelled by Markaz Ul Islam.

The event featured Artur Pawlowski and Bob Blayone as guest speakers, both known for their criticism of the UCP government.

Markaz Ul Islamic Centre did not respond to our inquiries by the time of this publication.

"Looks like this is becoming the new norm," said Pawlowski, expressing his disappointment over facing another cancellation. "If the government doesn't like you, they can pressure venues, and you'll be cancelled. I've seen this happen before.'"

In 2022, Pawlowski was jailed for 50 days under Jason Kenney's UCP government after delivering an inspiring sermon to truckers blocking the border in Coutts, Alberta, in protest of vaccine mandates.


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