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"Gender-Inclusive Demining"?: Here's What Canada is Paying for in Ukraine

Canada’s latest $3 billion payment to Ukraine came with a plethora of questionable programs that would raise the eyebrows of even the most stringent Ukraine supporter.

Chief among them was $4 million for “Gender-inclusive de-mining for sustainable futures in Ukraine.”

This included working with the HALO Trust to establish a “gender and diversity working group to promote gender-transformative mine action in Ukraine.”

The HALO Trust is a nonprofit focused on de-mining across the world with a specific focus: that women disarming dangerous explosives is actually an empowering endeavor.

Their website boasts the freedom and leadership that possibly losing a limb can provide a woman when working with landmines in countries ravaged by war.

Among the seven total mentions of “gender” in Canada’s Ukraine payment was $15 million towards “resilient food systems.”

While this could be considered a noble cause, one can’t help but question why “gender responsiveness” is again a focal point in such a program.

The same goes for the $10 million reconstruction plan initiative which seeks to “implement inclusive, gender-responsive and durable community priorities,” whatever that means.

Another $930,000 was allocated by the Canadian government to go towards “Strengthening truth, transparency, and democracy to counter disinformation.”

The buzz word-laden text said its purpose was to “enhance the literacy and fact-checking capabilities” of Ukraine’s state media, to better tackle “disinformation” in the country. Of course, this included addressing “gender disparity issues in the Ukrainian media,” as well.

Do not forget that Ukraine banned unfriendly media outlets. Also do not forget what a government truly means when they wish to use your tax dollars to “counter disinformation.”

The truth is that the at least half of the latest billion-dollar plans for Ukraine would never pass the test of ridicule in the House of Commons, especially with the sheer amount of gender-inclusive language and focus on shady messaging.

The above, in addition to $15 million to build a museum in what is alleged to be war-torn country, is swept under the rug in one of the last remaining untouchable topics for Canadian conservatives.

Neither provincial nor federal leaders dare criticize Volodymyr Zelensky, but it is certainly a blind spot that right-wing politicians in the country are still getting away with.

Although there are bigger fish to fry, the siphoning of literal billions to foreign nations is certainly worthy of the population’s attention.

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