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"Get Out of Here": Families of 1985 Air India Bombing Victims Confront Pro-Khalistan Activists in Vancouver

"Get Out of Here:" Mourning family members of victims of the 1985 Air India bombing, Canada's deadliest terror attack, react to Khalistan separatists who came to "stand in solidarity" with them.

Members of Sikhs for Justice, an organization whose leader previously made threats towards Air India, showed up with Khalistan flags to pray for the victims.

They held a press conference and distributed brochures to the family members, irritating them on a very special day. "This is pathetic!" a victim's family member outcried. "This has nothing to do with Khalistan — we're here for the specific reason," one attendee protested at the Khalistani presence.

"My husband lost his whole family!" One attendee told the police who confronted her for telling the activists to get out. "Where were you for the last 39 years? Were you sleeping?" Another questioned.

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