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Healthcare Denial for Coutts 4 Inmate: Ministry Offers No Explanation for Denying a Formulary Drug

Anthony "Tony" Olienick remains detained at the Medicine Hat Remand Centre, where he has been battling a gut disease.

The remand, designed as a temporary holding facility pending trials or further legal proceedings, has been Tony's home for an uncomfortably long duration. His repeated pleas for essential healthcare seem to be falling on deaf ears, exacerbating his distress and amplifying concerns over the treatment of inmates within these facilities.

Recently, I had the unique opportunity to speak with Tony over the phone.

Even through the static and limitations of a brief call, the gravity of his situation was palpable.

He recounted instances of medical negligence, sharing how his health has deteriorated, and how essential healthcare, including the prescription of formulary drugs, was inexplicably denied.

Seeking clarity and possibly a resolution, we reached out to the ministry.

What was the reason behind this alleged medical negligence?

Were there policies in place to ensure the well-being of inmates like Tony?

Their response, or the lack thereof, was telling.

Despite our attempts to get clarification, the ministry has remained tight-lipped, offering no explanations or comments.

Tony's ordeal and the ministry's silence shine a light on the gaps within the judicial and correctional system.

The situation raises not just questions about healthcare access for inmates but also broader concerns about transparency, responsibility, and the rights of individuals in remand centres across the country.


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