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"Love Wins, So Does Bug Spray," Analogizes Drag Queen, Comparing Protesters to Flies

Protesters Converge at Lethbridge, Alberta Public Library Over All-Ages Drag Story Hour.

In the quaint southern Alberta city of Lethbridge, a peaceful protest took place without the need for police involvement.

A memorable moment from the event emerged when a Drag Queen likened the peaceful protesters to flies during an interview, eliciting a wave of laughter from mainstream reporters.

"I have nothing against the LGBTQ community at all,"

stated one protester, whose sign read "Drag Queens are not for kids."

She continued,

"I support them in their desire for equal rights, absolutely, it's just this issue of having drag queens around kids."

The protest and the All-Ages Drag Story Hour at the Lethbridge Public Library concluded without incident.

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