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LYNCHED: The "citizens' court" organized by pro-Khalistan group found India's PM's Effigy Guilty

Immediately after the verdict Modi's effigy was taken out of the cage and lynched. India's flag was set on fire.

Streets of downtown Vancouver erupted with chants from pro-Khalistan activists who are holding a "citizens' court" in front of India's consulate. The self-proclaimed bomber of Air India (deadliest terror attack in Canadian history) Talwinder Singh Parmar, founder of terror organization Babbar Khalsa's image is put on the same banner as Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Both are glorified as martyrs for the cause.

CBC documentaries are being played with clips of a CSIS agent. CSIS was involved in the bombing destroying evidence and compromising RCMP's investigation to bring the real terrorists into justice after the 1985 bombings.

World Sikh Organization founder Gian Singh Sandhu was interrogated multiple times by RCMP after the bombings. Today, the high-level members of his organization and/or their family members are MPs and ministers in Canada.

Last month, RCMP officers and WSO-connected politicians participated in a parade where terrorists were being glorified in the streets of Calgary.

Last week, the same group organizing the “citizens’ court celebrated the assassination of Indra Gandhi, prompting condemnation from some Canadian ministers.

Next month, the group is organizing their largest gathering in Calgary, Alberta for a non-binding referendum to separate from India.

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