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First Canadian Charged with Critical Infrastructure Defence Act Faces The Judge

Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski is set to appear before a judge in Lethbridge, Alberta for his alleged involvement in the Coutts border blockade.

Artur Pawlowski, a Calgary pastor, is currently on trial for charges of breaching a release order and mischief for inciting people to block public property at the Canada-U.S. border crossing at Coutts, Alberta. He is also charged under the Alberta Critical Infrastructure Defence Act.

Call For Prayer

Pawlowski tweeted a call for prayer for the case to be dismissed, and announced a church service after the trail. The trail on Tuesday is set to begin at 9am.

The Case Against Him

The crown argues that Artur Pawlowski encouraged the blockade, which lasted for more than two weeks in late January 2022, caused Alberta's main U.S. border crossing to be paralyzed.

The Crown's case against Pawlowski includes an agreed statement of facts and a 20-minute video of his speech to protesters on February 3, 2022. In the video, Pawlowski encourages truckers to continue the protest, which was aimed at COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates.


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