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Antifa demonstrators face police intervention for obstructing pedestrian traffic

Updated: May 8, 2023

Protesters and supporters clash outside Peterborough public library during all-ages drag story hour.

"You can't block people," urged the Peterborough staff sergeant. "They can go where they want to go."

Antifa members who were actively attempting to block Save Canada activists from getting near to the public library were met with active enforcement of the Peterborough Police.

Some elderly attendees of the event also confronted the ski-masked Antifa members, urging them to stop their disruptive behavior.

"Honestly, guys, you can't keep doing that." an elderly member urged the ski-masked Antifa members.

Police intervened regularly to allow the activists passage through the Antifa blockade.

"I'm not intimidated," said a female activist, thanking the police for their enforcement of the law.

No one was arrested, and the drag queen story hour inside the public library went by uninterrupted.

"The only audience you have in there are children." a passer-by yelled.

This is not the first time the library has hosted a drag queen story hour, and past events have also been met with protests and occasional scuffles.

Despite the event proceeding uninterrupted, tensions flared as some attendees pulled flags, destroyed signs, and engaged in scuffles. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries.

The efforts by some Antifa members to shut down dialogue failed as conversation did take place between attendees with different viewpoints.

A woman argued that the event was not sexual in nature and accused some attendees of making it seem that way.

'You guys are making it sexual, but there's nothing sexual going on in there,' she said.
'One, I want it to come and spread the gospel and the truth of Jesus Christ. Two, I want it to learn what they were learning,' a protester said.

Unfortunately, the pamphlets he distributed were torn apart.

"Let boys and girls play at the park!"

Yelled a protester with a "trust the science" sign, which was later torn apart.

More to come...

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