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Pre-Trial Adjourned With No Meaningful Progress After 628 Days in Custody

Frustration mounts as the slow-moving 3-day pre-trial for the 4 protesters, famously known as The Coutts 4, adjourns to Dec 11 with no substantial progress.

Accused of conspiring to murder RCMP officers, these 4 protesters have languished in remand for a staggering 628 days without a conviction.

Many view them as political prisoners due to their participation in a blockade protest in Coutts, AB, against Covid-19 mandates.

In addition to the existing publication bans, last month, the Supreme Court of Canada passed a ruling implementing an automatic publication ban on all pre-trial motions, including those of the Coutts 4.

Their case has sparked debates about civil liberties, the right to protest, and the judicial process in Canada.

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