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Calgary's Protest Ban Near Drag Shows: "Disgusting Use of State Resources"

The 'Reading with Royalty' event at Seton Library goes ahead without disruption, as protests end peacefully.

Calgary's city council has enacted a contentious by-law banning protests within 100 meters of drag queen shows. Those found in violation could face a year in jail or fines up to $10,000.

The rule has drawn criticism, with protester Larry Heather labeling it a "disgusting use of state resources."

Calgary's approach starkly contrasts the approach in Peterborough, Ontario, where police equally intervene against any group engaging in sidewalk blockades, regardless of their cause.

Calgary's specific targeting of protests near drag queen shows has led to accusations of authoritarianism, igniting a broader debate on civil liberties and freedom of speech.

Despite these tensions, the recent "Reading with Royalty" event at the Seton Library proceeded without any disruptions.



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