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Edmonton Mayor's Economic Gang Exposed

FOIP documents obtained by Media Bezirgan reveal that Amarjeet Sohi did not disclose any companies while serving as a city councillor, during the years when Whiterock Ventures (WRV)—a trucking company owned by his brother Harkesh Sohi, former election campaign manager Harbhajan (Raj) Pandher, and other election donors—was receiving upwards of millions of dollars in contracts from the City of Edmonton.

Bob Rai, an aggregate supplier who has had no shortage of evidence of nefarious conduct in the past couple of months, has brought forth the most crucial evidence to put the dot at the end of Amarjeet Sohi’s political career.

"You thought you could rob Canada? Now you've got caught, and your time is coming," said the whistleblower.

"We have, and continue to be, in compliance with all ethics disclosure requirements," responded the city of Edmonton to an inquiry from Media Bezirgan.

Other disclosures filed by Sohi had multiple contradictions. "Sohi & Associates," a company he disclosed this year, was struck down last year by the province for not filing annual disclosures for over two years. This disclosure was filed two months after the deadline. In previous disclosures from 2022 and 2023, Sohi failed to write the correct name of his company

I have created a digital diagram after researching and studying numerous numbered companies that took Rai many years to compile. More follow-up stories on these revelations below will be forthcoming.

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