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ALBERTA FOR SALE: Premier's Ex-Husband's Immigration Firm Deletes YouTube Channel After Exposé

After Media Bezirgan shared a clip from the YouTube channel of CIVS, where former immigration and labour minister Kaycee Madu expressed his pleasure about CIVS coming to India to "sell our great province," CIVS, the immigration firm owned by Sean G. McKinsley, former husband of Alberta's current premier Danielle Smith, deleted their YouTube channel.

In the clip from the CIVS channel, former minister Madu appeared with James Carpenter, whom Premier Smith recently appointed as a "senior representative" of Alberta to the federal government. Carpenter traveled with McKinsley to India to promote CIVS.

Shortly after Media Bezirgan published the "sell our province" clip, CIVS took their YouTube channel down. The CIVS website is no longer accessible, and calls to the firm are leading to an automatic voice message. Recently, Premier Smith appointed James Carpenter as a "senior representative" of Alberta to the federal government. Premier Smith now advocates for lifting immigration bans while her former husband operates an immigration firm.

Alberta's former minister of immigration and labour has blocked Mocha Bezirgan as of today.

Kaycee Madu graduated from Nigeria, a country notorious for selling fake credentials. He was found to have attempted to interfere with the administration of justice while serving as the justice minister under Jason Kenny.

Were his credentials properly examined before he was elevated to such powers in Alberta as a cabinet minister, or was the examination conducted in the same manner as the fake Nigerian doctor Bamidale Adeagbo, who conducted 5,000 forensic autopsies in Alberta with a fake degree and testified in numerous criminal trials as an expert witness for Alberta's Crown prosecution? Can any immigration firm gain access to cabinet ministers to promote their business to "sell our great province"?

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